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"Played Me."

Tell me lies
tell me sweet little lies
Make me think
you're the right girl for me
all i want
and all i'll ever be
guess you couldn't control that

Play me once
you can't fool me twice
no no no
all your lies lies lies
are now going away
cutting you out of my life
You can try try try
but i'll never forget
no no no
played me once
you can't fool me twice.

"The Kid Who Never Grew Up"

This is the story of a kid
he had all this dreams
he was young
he had hope
Didn't want to grow up
he was scared

His only wish was to play
every day
have fun
always young

Grown-ups life is so complicated
all these feelings
all the pain
being a kid is simple
play all day
can't be scared.

"Drunk Model"

She wears five pounds of dark makeup
and a tight little dress
shoes that make her taller
but her face is full of stress
Delicate and soft hands
never ending legs
lips that scream "Come Here"
she's what every man wants to have

But don't fool yourself
her brain's like a peanut
oh she's a peculiar girl
she thinks vodka is her friend

She's a drunk model
drunk model
Everybody wants to be with her
be with her
'cause she's so fine
she's so fine
dumb drunk model, you're so fine
so hot, so hot,
dumb drunk model, you're so fine.

Pues otras tres! Espero vengan más pronto! Peace! K

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